About the Matrix Program®

What are the Primary Goals of the Matrix Program®?

  • Help participants to regain a sense of control in their lives
  • Provide education about addiction, relapse and recovery
  • Offer opportunities to practise new skills
  • Develop strong supportive networks for abstaining from substances
  • Facilitate new ways to solve problems and manage anxiety or stress
  • Encourage steps towards positive change
  • Improve resilience

Phase 1

 In this phase the focus is on learning those important skills which support you to make good decisions in how you live day by day to minimise the potential for relapse.  Early recovery skills includes tasks such as understanding what your triggers are and how to manage these and your cravings.  This phase also includes learning about the brain and how addiction can hijack our good intentions.  When we understand the way our brain works in these situations we can apply the strategies and skills learnt in the program to reduce the likelihood of relapse.

Phase 2

 During this phase the requirement to attend group reduces to a minimum of 2 group sessions a week for 14 weeks.  Focus is now on developing better structures in your life to support you more in to moving away from the addicted thinking.  The sessions include further education building on your knowledge of addiction and the brain, as well as becoming more challenging with unhelpful thinking.  Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Schema Therapy are included to support you with the thoughts, behaviours and actions which are necessary for your life without the addictive patterns.

Phase 3

By now participants have a good understanding of thought patterns which indicate they are on a path to relapse.  Once this is identified participants also have a tool kit of skills and resources to utilise to keep them on the path of recovery.  The final development of your new life begins when we can recognise early the signs of old patterns emerging and quickly interrupt these with a conscious choice we want a different life.


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