The Matrix Program Family and Friends education sessions are held on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 in our West Perth office.

The session is attended by those in recovery in the Matrix Program and their support people.  Each session is a different topic over 18 weeks which covers various aspects of recovery and important information family and support people need to know.

At Matrix we believe the family and support people are also in recovery.  Recovery cannot be a sole journey.  Many family members and support people have experienced the ups and downs of addiction also.  Many family members and support people have lost contact with other family and friends because of the person’s addiction.  It is not uncommon for family and support people to tell us they feel alone.  When we want to support and help someone with an addiction it can affect our whole life. 

Once a person enters recovery it is not the end of the journey for family and support people.  It is actually the beginning of another journey.  Generally, by the time someone enters our program their family and support people are tired of being involved in the addiction cycle.  This is why Family and friends’ education sessions are important.  In the Matrix Program we support the support people of the person in the program.   The sessions provide information on addiction recovery, communication, building trust, relapse management, life after addiction and many other topics.

If you are supporting someone who is in addiction but is not ready yet to enter recovery you can attend our family and friends education sessions for a fee of $20.00 a session.   There are other supports available also. 

You can make an appointment with one of our Psychologists or our Counsellors for individual support.  

For more information contact us on or phone : 1800 468 001.

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February 5, 2024

Navigating the Waves of Addiction