Matrix Model

An intensive outpatient treatment program for addiction

The Matrix Model is based on 30 years of scientific research and has been recognised by the US National Institute on Drug Abuse as the gold standard for the treatment of Methamphetamine, ICE and Cocaine addiction.

Research has also shown the Matrix Model to have success with other addictions such as alcohol and prescription medication.

Ashcliffe Psychology

Ashcliffe Psychology in Perth, Western Australia is a private psychology clinic which provides evidence-based treatment for addiction using the Matrix Model.

The two directors of Ashcliffe Psychology are Clinical Psychologists, Kerryn Ashford-Hatherly and Michael Tunnecliffe, who were trained in the US by the Matrix Institute to Supervisor level.

The Matrix Program at Ashcliffe Psychology is provided by psychologists who ensure a confidential and safe environment for those wishing to address their substance use.

Individual / Family Sessions
Early Recovery Skills Groups
Relapse Prevention Groups
Family Education Groups
Social Support Groups

Insights from our Matrix Sessions

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